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Malakkappara Tea Estate, Kerala

Malakkappara Tea Estate near Sholayar in Kerala

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We are planning to go to malakkapara on this saturday night,for one day trip from ernakulam…we have to explore our max there we 7 are bachelours,what risk is involved there and hows the climate there..pls help.


Hi Lijoy,

Nothing to worry since you are all bachelors. Go ahead and have a blast. Do not forget to stop in between to see the small streams and small waterfalls. You can take a bath in those streams also…

Just for precaution, carry some toolkit for your vehicle and a torch.


K thanks for your prompt reply,Is there any hotels available to stay and can you pls suggest some places we can locate as we require some privacy for cooking and taking bath also….also we want to enjoy mist and fresh air!!so kindly suggest some good place near by ..expecting your reply


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