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Hoganikkal and Yercaud
16 th and 17th of Decmeber 2006

Me, Sunny, Dodu, Cherian and Vineesh ( i flex) were there for this wonderful two day trip. The bikes were my Bullet, Sunny’s Bullet and Cherian’s Unicorn. We started at 6.30 from my house in Jakkasandra. First we went to Haganekkal. The route was Hosur, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Pennagram, Hoganekkal. The road was full of manju till we crossed Hosur. It was as if we were traveling through a hillstation. We reached Hoganekkal at 12 noon. Had lunch (really bad) from a hotel and got a boat driver. The specialty of hoganekkal is the boat ride through the water falls. The driver agreed to take us for 600 rupees. We knew that it was a little high, but couldn’t do anything. The boat ride was really wonderful. It was for about one hour. After that we reached the other end. There were lots of people bathing in the river. We also bathed there. The driver (Muthu) took us back to the original spot at around 6 pm. Then there was a waterfalls under which we can bath. Railing were fixed so that we can stand there without worrying. Only me and sunny went there to bath under the water falls and i must say that the others missed it. It was really wonderful. It was dark there and the force of water was very high. It was like a full body massage. After this we ate fried fish from a way side vendor. Then we had the dinner from a nearby hotel. Till now we had traveled around 180 kms. There was a shorter path(120 km) through a forest. (We had the return journey through that road.)
After the dinner we started to Salem via Pennagram, Mecheri, Omalur and Salem. It was around 100 kms. The road was through villages and it was really nice to ride in the night through hills. We had shorter breaks in between the journey. We reached Salem at around 12.30 night. We took 2 rooms in a lodge there for 550 rupees. The next morning at around 9.30 we started our drive to Yercaud. It was around 35 kms from Salem. Yercaud is a hill station. There were lots of hairpins on the way. It was fun riding through those hairpins. We reached Yercaud at around 11 am. Went for boating in the lake and after that went to Gents Seat which was a view point. We also went to the Rose Garden there. After that we went to Kiliyur Waterfalls. This was the most wonderful part in our trip. We had to trek for around 1.5 kms to reach the water falls. There were lots of guys there bathing under the falls. We also bathed under the falls. This one was the best bath i had in my whole life. It was really wonderful, though a little bit risky. We spent there around 2 hours and had lunch at a good hotel. Then we started our return journey at 5 pm. We decided not to take the highways and go through the forest. So we went to hoganekkall. We reached there at 9.30. There a police man took us to the police station and told us that it is very risky to ride through the forest at this time. He told that animals might be there in the road. Cherian was really scared to go through the forest. Sunny was also telling us not to take the forest route from Pennagram itself. But dodu and me insisted that we should go through the forest. We expected some adventure there. We decided to continue the journey. Since Cherian was scared me and dodu was in the front. The road was really bad. The funny thing is that we saw only a small rat in the journey through the forest. The forest was only for the first 7 kms. After that the journey was through villages. We touched the Hosur road around 1.30 am. Then we decided to meet at Sil Board. Vineesh was riding cherian’s bike. After Electronic city cherian’s bikes tube bursted and they fell on the road. Cherian had a small wound near the eye. I took cherian to Manipal Hospital where he had 4 stitches. Sunny took Vineesh to St. Johns medical college since he had shoulder pain. Dodu was there with the bike in Hosur road. Sunny called Joby and sandeep and asked them them to repair the puncture. i also went back to the spot. We 3 reached there at same time. Joby went a brought a mechanic and repaired the bike. Dodu was sleeping near a shop. There was thick fog in Hosur road. After all these i reached home at 5.30 am. It was a wonderful trip, but the accident spoiled every thing. Still this is a memorable one.

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