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Kuttikkanam in Idukki District, Kerala

Kuttikkanam Trip on 11th July 2003

Our S1S2 exams are over and we were there in the college to register for S3. Sunny told us that he was going to Kuttikkanam to take a DD for his fees payment. He took the bank loan from a bank in Kuttikkanam. So we decided to make it a trip, a 2day trip. 6 people were interested– me, sunny, joggy, vardhan, karthik and sandeep.
On july 11th we went to kottayam from Ernakulam by train. From there we got into a bus to Kumaly through the famous KK road. We reached there around 11 am. Sunny took the DD from the bank and then started our adventures. We didnt have any idea about the places to visit in Kuttikkanam. The only information was from Kiran Joggy who found the names of some places from the website. We interacted with the local people and found out a list of beautiful places to visit in Kuttikkanam. First we went to Parunthumpara, a hill from which we can see a lot of places. It was a long journey to Paruthumpara. Sunny calls it a trekking, but it was just walking through an offroad. The scenery from Paruthumpara was beautiful. A local told us that there was a natural stream on the rocks. We went there. That place cannot be described. It was awesome. There were natural swimming pools on the rocks. I mean it. Small holes in which a man can relax. There were bigger pools too. The water was continuous and very clean too. This was the best bath in a natural stream i had ever had till date. We spent there a lot of time and after that walked for some time and reached a small junction. From there we took a Jeep to Vandiperiyar.

Vandiperiyar is a small town. There were nothing to see. We visited a small stream, thats all. From Vandiperiyar we went to Pattumala Pally. It was a nice church. We asked the Preist whether we can stay there. They said no. We were emberased. Later we found a cottage. We took a double bedroom. In the morning we went to Kuttikkanam town. From there to Kokkad Hills. It is a nice place to sit. There is good sceneery too. We can sit there for hours enjoying the beautiful breeze and the nice scenery. From there we went to see a flower garden and then to a waterfalls named Valanjanganam Waterfalls. It was on the road side. Suuny insisted to bath there. But the manager in the cottage had told us that there was a better place to bath near the waterfalls itself. So we decided to go there. It was a nice place. The water was ice cold. Me, sunny, sandeep and joggy decided to bath. Karthik and vardhan just sat on the rocks as thery were not feeling well. It was a nice experience. This place was the upper part of a waterfall.

Now it was nearing 4 o clock. So we decided to go back to cochin. We reached cochin at around 8 o clock. Ohhh!! Kuttikkanam trip was one of the best trips i had in my life. It was special in many ways. This was our first 2day trip. We didnt use any bikes and this trip was an inspiration for the other trips.

Kuttikkanam Pine Forest

Kuttikkanam Pine Forest
Photo taken in December 2019

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