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Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru near Cochin, Kerala

90 km one day trip to this beautiful river in the midst of a forest in Kerala.

We went to this wonderful place called Paniyeli Poru…its very close to Perumbavur..aaround 40 kms from the Cochin… its a place that still maintains its virginal sanctity…not at all commercialized…really GREEN!!!

we were 6 ppl in all…. went on motorbikes.. left by around 10 from the cochin…took the route via Perumabavoor…the road is not that gr8( if ne1 is planning to go its advisable tht u take the alwaye route).. the place is infamous for a lot of drowning cases..we reached in an hr or so…the place is yet to be discovered by the hordes of tourists visiting kerala..reaching there we heard that some of the dam water had been released…but we nevertheless continued with our journey…

the river is the best part of paniyelli and that is where we spent most of our time….. its a bit tough to navigate on foot, and there are many gaps between the rocks wen u try to cross the river.. so if u r really afraid of water then u wont really be able to enjoy !!!

the river has its own rapids and a small series of waterfalls.. to see that we had to cross the river and reach a sort of delta that had been formed … the crossing was really fun .. the water is very cool, but the river has strong undercurrents..and that is something few us learnt the hard way!!!! so BEWARE!!!! but reaching the rock centre was worth all the effort quiet.. u feel one with the nature..soaking in the cool waters… an experience that was worth the effort….

This was a wonderful trip

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