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Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills near Bangalore

Date: 2-12-2006 and 3-12-2006

This was actually a one day trip, but it took 2 days to visit the place. Nandi hills is a hill station around 80 kms from Bangalore. On Saturday 2nd December we started from here at around 3.30. There were 4 bikes- my Bullet, Sunny’s Bullet, Balu’s Apache and Balus’ friend’s Apache. There were 8 people. Me , sunny. Dodu, Adeeth, Manish, balu, and balu’s 2 friends. We took the Hyderabad highway and was cruising at around 70 kms. Suddenly Sunny’s bullets chain broke. The place was 15 kms after Yelhenka. So me and sunny went to Yelhenka and bought the spare parts and by the time the mechanic repaired the Bike, it was around 8 o clock. Balu’s 2 frnds had already left to banglore. Me, sunny and dodu were still interested in going to Nandi Hills. But Adeeth and manish were too tired to travel. So we decided to go back to banglore. This is the first time our trip is canceled in the mid way. We went to Sunny’s house and decided that we will go to Nandi Hills the next morning.

So, on Sunday early morning we started again. There were 4 bikes- mine, Sunny’s, Balu’s and Joby’s. The members were me, Sunny, Dodu, Balu, Joby, Kamal Kishore and Shyam. Sunny rode alone since his Bullet’s chain was making an uncomfortable noise and we were not sure whether we will reach the destination. It was very nice to ride in Bangalore in early morning. The road to Nandi hills was in very good condition. But this time we were driving at around 50 kms. There was a deviation to the left from the highway. The sign board to Nandi hills was written in Kannada. Luckily Balu could read Kannada. There were around 40 curves to Nandi Hills. And some of them were sharp hair pins. It was really wonderful to drive through that road. We reached the place at around 9 30. Still there were snow in the region and its a nice romantic place. There is a nice scenery from the hills. We spent there some time. We went to the temple. It is an old temple. Then we just relaxed there. We has our lunch from the Karnataka tourism corporations hotel. And finally we started our return journey at around 2 o clock.
All in all, it was a nice trip since we thought that Nandi hills was just a small hill. But its a nice hill station and its pretty cool and romantic over there. Its perfect for a one day trip.

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