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Badami: The Land of Rocks

Caves, hills, rocky temples and forts; these are the things that are fascinating in Badami. If you are wondering where Badami is? It is a small town situated in northern Karnataka and has been widely known for both its history and rocky monuments. It is a such a shame that a place like Badami is less known to us, as Karnataka is dominated by both Banglore and Mangalore and Gokarna too. The place is filled with stunning infrastructure and the eye-catching view from the hill top, which makes this place extravagant. And if you ever feel lost and wants to search your soul, this place is going to be a soul searching experience.

Badami Caves Temples Karnataka

The common language spoken is obviously ‘Kannada’, but knowing Hindi will definitely help you. The way to the rocky caves and hills is not easy, and if you are tired the sun won’t help you in the open sky. So pack your bags well, a bottle of water will do much help. There are a handful of temples in Badami but which stands out is ‘Bhutanatha temple’ of Lord Shiva. And if you are into trekking, take a camera with you and don’t forget to take snaps as these caves and hills stand as the sole evidence of the forgotten memories of what our country was known for; ‘Incredible and Phenomenal’.

Badami Fortress Karnataka

Illikkal Kallu, Kottayam, Kerala

Illikkalkallu is a beautiful hill located in Kottayam district of Kerala. The altitude is around 3400 feet above sea level. The main attraction is a huge rock above the hill. The view from the hilltop is mesmerizing. Its ideal for a half day trip.

There are no buses to the hill, so take your own vehicle or hire a taxi/jeep.

Illikkal kallu rock

Please note that the place is a little dangerous and several deaths have been reported once the tourist flow increased after the new road was constructed to the picnic spot. Please be careful while taking selfies and while climbing the rock. Its better not to climb the rock or go very near to it. If you are of the ‘living on the edge’ kind of guy, be a little more careful and take all precautionary measures before visiting the place. All the road to the hill is very steep and never climb down in neutral gear of your vehicle. And it is advisable to halt for a few minutes while descending the hill in your car or bike to cool down the brake pads.

Its around 45 minutes drive from Pala town.

Route from Pala
Pala – Barananganam – Eerattupetta – Teekkoy – Adukkam Palli – Meladukkam – Illikkakallu

Illikkal kallu route